Giants in time Northrop Frye


         In The Educated Imagination the chapter Giants in Time is based on   Frye’s idea of  literary symbolism, where he finds his answer to the question  ” What kind of reality does literature have?” ( pg. 61)  He uses  Shakespeare’s plays as  an example to support his answer with him  portraying  if  literature is based on real or unreal facts.  

      In supporting his answer Frye also uses  the   examples of events that occured in a particular work such as a poem  and  the realistic nature  of the characters name in several literary works. Also, he  describes how to define a  ” symbol” in a literary sense. He uses  the connection of the concept of natural and human correspondence  and a writers usage of   ” an image, or objeect  from the world around him. ” (pg 66)   The way that Frye breaks down his idea was  interesting because he uses many examples of literary characters, poets, and plays to support his thoughts towards literary symbolism.

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